Oral Sedation

You have the option of being prescribed a combination of oral sedatives by Dr. John A. Boghossian.  Oral sedation will help reduce your anxiety before and during your procedure. 

  • The medication may make you sleepy and impair your thinking and coordination.  You must have a responsible adult companion for travel to and from our office. 
  • You must be escorted by this companion to and from the parking lot to prevent you from accidentally stumbling. 
  • If your appointment is in the MORNING: You should take the prescribed medications according to direction, and you can have a light meal (no fat) such as toast without butter or margarine and beverage without caffeine.  No grapefruit juice. 
  • If your appointment is in the AFTERNOON: A light breakfast is okay (1/2 bowl of cereal and O.J. up to 5-6 hours before your procedure.  After this, nothing to eat or drink. 
  • After your treatment is complete, a reliable companion must escort you out of the office and take you home.  The sedative effects may linger for the rest of the day so you should have a responsible adult stay until you are able to take care of yourself.